February 10, 2009

Remember That Zondervan/Mt Hermon Contest?

Ack! I haven't blogged in a while. I've been off pondering deep truths, reading fabulous books, and baking cinnamon rolls.

And processing a most amazing thing.

Remember that publishing contest I entered last fall, the one I had to talk myself into entering? The one that I probably would not have entered if not for the prodding of a coupla writers who, though they are way up to their neatly arched brows in their own business---er, manuscripts, apparently had nothing better to do? The one that I only qualified to enter through a very slim set of 'God is definitely behind this so he must really want me doing this' circumstances?

November 15th was cleaning day. I remember, because for some odd reason, in the middle of cometing the bowl (yes, some of us still use Comet. It's cheap. And yeah, I use bleach too) I decided to check my email. And saw a message saying my sample chapters had semi-finaled in that contest. Woo hoo!

Which meant I needed to breathe and send in the FULL MANUSCRIPT. That's just a mouthful, isn't it? Very dense, those words. For me, when I say them now, I can actually feel the combined weight of all the hours, all those late nights pounding at the keyboard, all those prayers of Please God let me get this right. I've come to appreciate the weight of those words.

So I sent my Full Manuscript off to Zondervan in the mail. And that was that. An amazing feat in itself, because rarely is an unpublished writer invited to send an entire manuscript outside of a professional introduction or a face-to-face meeting at a writing conference. Or a thunderous voice from heaven.

So with my sweet little baby sent and gone, I got to work on my overdue reading pile, tossed around ideas for a new novel, and willed the two months to pass so I could get on with my life and my next book. I would read about the contest finalists soon enough, and was very eager to hear who would win the book publishing contract in case it was someone I knew. Because in case you didn't already know, writers are pretty cool people. Most of them anyway. And Christian writers are by far the coolest.

So. If you've been paying attention and are still interested in this story, you can probably imagine how surprised I was to get a telephone call last week from an editor's assitant telling me my novel is a FINALIST. I think I told her I was shocked at least 3 times. I'm pretty sure she laughed at me. I may have even told her I loved her, but I'm not positive on that. I'm sure she gets that all the time.

There are a small number of finalists (and I'm waiting to see the details posted on the web so I can talk!) So, to the 2 others---you know who you are---Congratulations! I'm pleased, proud and humbled to be counted among you.

Which brings me to . . . winning the Contest. One of the finalists will receive a $10k contract to publish their book. The other two will get to say that Zondervan editors read their book and thought it was good enough to consider publishing.

So I guess this is the part where you, Dear Reader, get to read a sample from each of the finalists, pick your favorite, and text your vote to 1-888-I LOVE CHRISTIAN FICTION.

No. Not really.

In honor of Mt Hermon's 40th anniversary, the winner of the Zondervan publishing contract will be announced at the 2009 Mt Hermon Christian Writer's Conference in April.

And, Lord willing, I'll be there.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the best writing buddy on the planet! I am SO PROUD OF YOU!! Way to go! You inspire me! I'm doing a snoopy happy dance for you here in Indiana. And yes, I know I use too many exclamation points but how else can I get across how thrilled I am for you!!!!!!!!!!

carla stewart said...

I'm so sorry I won't be at Mount Hermon for the big announcement. You're already a winner, and hey, you really had me going with that go to this site and vote for my book! My best to you and the other contestants.

Merrie Destefano said...

Great news, Camille! I hope you win. Really.

Go get 'em, Tiger.

Janet said...

Well. I shall deploy my normal eloquence to say this:

Way cool.

Anonymous said...

Congrats. I'm so happy for you. May God bless you and your writing, Camille.

Jessica Nelson said...

Camille, you wrote a great story and I really hope you can make it to the conference.

Bonnie Doran said...

Congrats on your finaling. Someday I'd like to go to Mount Hermon, but probably not this year.


Pen Pen said...

AHHHHH!!!!!! SO exciting!!!



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