November 27, 2015


RT Book Reviews *FIVE-Star* Top Pick
The Memoir of Johnny Devine
Saturday, December 19
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Camille Eide launches her third romantic, inspirational novel in December with Ashberry Lane Publishing. It will be available in eBook Dec 1 and print Dec 15.

Love can’t rewrite the pages of one’s past, but it can
cover a multitude of sins—one page at a time.

A young WWII widow hired to write an exclusive memoir lands on McCarthy’s hit list and must clear her name while trying not to fall in love with the born-again, ex-Hollywood heartthrob, whose scandalous past keeps him too busy to notice her. Or does it?

The Memoir of Johnny Devine is a 1950s “classic” love story set in a time when post-war America seeks security in prosperity, Hollywood’s Golden Age is coming to an end, the “Red Scare” reaches new heights of paranoia, and unrest over civil rights continues to grow. It’s a story for those who enjoy a character-driven, inspirational drama, a strong but chaste romance, and a touch of intrigue.

RT Book Reviews (Dec issue) gave The Memoir of Johnny Devine a rare FIVE Gold Stars, their highest rating.

“Sharp, on-point writing immediate engages and makes it difficult to tear one’s attention away from this emotionally riveting novel. The romantic tension sizzles nearly from the beginning, and readers will often find themselves breathless from the sheer delight of it. Snippets from the compelling but fictional memoir peppered throughout the novel not only give vivid life to the protagonist, but also make it easy to forget that one is indeed reading fiction. The message of redemption is conveyed with such poignant elegance that it will linger long after turning the last page.” —Carrie Townsend, RT Book Reviews

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November 12, 2015

The Rare FIVE-Star RT Book Review

RT Book Reviews recently gave The Memoir of Johnny Devine (Ashberry Lane, Dec 2015) a glowing review! I’m amazed at how much insight the reviewer was able to squeeze into the 175 word limit. She also rated it 4½ “yellow” stars and Top Pick.

I didn’t realize the different color (usually the stars are blue) meant anything until a senior RT reviewer pointed out to my publisher that those are GOLD stars. She also said the gold rating is a rare, only given once or twice a year. In fact, 4½ gold stars is equivalent to 5 stars, which they did away with years ago (for some mysterious reason).

But then, a few days ago, I heard that RT is planning to bring the 5 star back. The next day, I discovered that the rating on Memoir had been changed to FIVE GOLD STARS. As far as I know, no book has received 5 stars from RT Book Reviews in years.

So this is huge!!

And to top that off, I also learned that The Memoir of Johnny Devine is an RT 2015 Reviewers’ Choice Award Nominee! This nomination is for books that reviewers consider the best of the best. I’m thrilled that Memoir is listed alongside such fine, talented inspirational romance authors such as Laura Frantz, Sarah Ladd, Robin Lee Hatcher, and Jen Turano.
I’m thrilled, honored, and grateful, but I’m not sharing this to get pats on the back. I’m hoping that this special nomination and rare five-star rating will help give Johnny Devine a better chance to reach readers who will love and be touched by this God-inspired story. And I hope those who love it will share it with every reader they know. In the literary world, the best advertising is still word of mouth.

Find out more about this story and where to get your copy at

November 1, 2015

When The Story Is Too Real

Love can’t rewrite the pages of one’s past, but it can cover a multitude of sins—one page at a time.

The Memoir of Johnny Devine, a Novel, is coming out soon, and I am excited to be sharing this story. While it's a work of fiction, so much of the character's lives, their hopes, fears, hurts, needs, etc are borne of real life and real situations. In fact, nearly everyone who has edited or read the manuscript has declared that this story feels so real, they forget they are reading fiction.

And for that, I'm glad. There are messages of very real hope woven throughout the story. 

Sometimes, it's difficult to hear stories of hope, because sometimes, we have to see what hopelessness looked like for the "hero" before we can truly understand and appreciate the hope they've found. In the case of Johnny Devine, not only it is painful to relive things he would much rather forget, he has to share certain things aloud with a woman of good, moral character, making the task even more uncomfortable.

Do you ever hear stories of lives transformed by God? Do you have difficulty hearing the pre-transformation details? When might the sordid details of past mistakes be helpful to others, and when might they best be kept private?

While you're thinking about that, let me just report that Romantic Times Book Reviews just published a review of The Memoir of Johnny Devine, and not only did the reviewer give a glowing account, she gave it a 4.5 GOLD star Top Pick rating! (5 stars are never given -- I think those are reserved for once-a-century phenomenons like To Kill A Mockingbird). I didn't realize until this review was published that Gold stars are rarely given. This is about the highest possible rating they give. I'm deeply honored, but even more, I'm excited because this might help put Johnny Devine on more "To Be Read" lists. 

Is it on yours? (Go HERE to add it to your Goodreads list)

Also: be sure to PRE-ORDER (the eBook version) and save $1 but only for a limited time. Visit my Website for links.

One last thing: If you're in the Portland/Gresham/Sandy/Boring area, I'll be having a Book Signing and Open House on Dec 19. Copies of all my books will be available. Go here for details.



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