August 14, 2012

UNRAVELED, A Novel - by Sharon K. Souza

Unraveled: Masterfully Woven, Powerfully Tender

“Heart-of-the-matter Fiction with a good dose of humor” is a spot-on description of Sharon K. Souza’s latest work, an intelligent, engaging style of storytelling I thoroughly enjoyed. The writing is stylish and masterful, full of wit and fresh turns of phrase. The story is thought provoking yet entertaining, and full of endearing characters. I rarely find a story so hard to put down as I did this.

Eager and idealistic, Aria Winters sets out on a mission to be the “hands and feet of God” to those in need. It’s a great goal, especially for a young woman of privilege. She sees this year-long mission trip as a way to shed some self-absorbed attitudes as well as to get some distance from the safety-net of her family. Unfortunately, Aria has no idea how much shedding of her self, her presumptuous ideals, and the very basis of her faith she will face before her time is up.

The people of Moldova open Aria’s eyes to life and people outside the status and shelter of her comfortable sphere. Yet in Aria’s endearing, self-deprecating way, she determines to adjust and works hard to fit in, hopeful she might do some good, in spite of poor preparation and the handsome but terse co-worker who seems to see straight through her. Soon, this beautiful place, these people, and the eager children in her tutelage erase any lingering doubts she has about her purpose here.

 . . . Until a devastating tragedy occurs.

When the girl Aria has formed a special bond with becomes a victim of the worst kind of human-trafficking, Aria’s world is shaken. She is forced to face the horror of her own carelessness, the truth about her ideals, and her serious doubts about God. How can he allow such unspeakable horror? How can Aria “work for” someone who won’t protect the innocent?

And how can Aria make right the secret sins in her own life if God won’t listen to her prayers?

Unraveled is a powerful yet tender story full of wisdom and grace. Its sorrows and joys will move you, leave you feeling as though you’ve knelt alongside Aria and unpacked some difficult to grasp truths gently wrapped in layers of God’s grace and compassion. So gentle but direct, so straight to the “heart of the matter.” So like Jesus.

I was touched and encouraged by this beautifully woven story, one I sincerely hope won’t be Souza’s last.


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Sharon K. Souza

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Karla Akins said...

Such a great review, Camille. This is a story that needs to be told.

Camille Eide said...

Thanks, Karla. I'd read it again.



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