July 25, 2015

Bookstore Sighting & The Super Cool Scoop

Bookstore Sighting!
Today, I saw my latest book in a "real" bookstore for the first time (yay!). How fun is that? What's even more fun is that it was rubbing shoulders with some of my wonderful author friends: Leslie Gould, Rebecca DeMarino, and several others with whom I've connected or met.

GLOWING Feedback!
Like There's No Tomorrow (2014) and Like A Love Song (2015) have been extremely well received by readers. Reviews are trickling in and are all or nearly all 5 Stars. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, which is phenomenal and humbling!

Like There's No Tomorrow is a Finalist in OCW's Cascade Writing Contest (Published Contemporary). The winner will be announced on August 12.

Like a Love Song received a Romantic Times 4-1/2 star (the most they give) "Top Pick" review.

One reviewer writes about Like a Love Song:
"Very moving story about love, forgiveness, regret, and redemption. The characters are engaging and their situations compelling. From the first chapter I didn't want to put this one down. It was impossible not to root for the characters, cheering with them through their triumphs, mourning with them through their struggles. The romance was nothing less than sheer delight! A wonderful sampling of chemistry and passion, motivated by a growing and genuine love between Joe and Sue. The moments they shared a kiss produced that welcome warm and gooey feeling experienced in the best love stories. Yet without doubt, THE best love story in this tale is the one happening between the characters and God. The way Eide weaves a portrayal of the Lord's wooing of Sue and her wounded heart is - as the title implies - like a beautiful love song. Those who are Christian will be touched as they hear echoes of their own love story in this tale. Those who don't know Christ may find in these fictional events a stirring of their own heart by the truth that resonates so clearly about God's love. This is the third narrative I've read by Camille Eide (Savanna's Gift and Like There's No Tomorrow being the other two). This is her best offering yet! If you haven't read her work consider giving these stories a read. You won't be disappointed." ~M.L.

So readers are liking these stories! This is gratifying, especially when I've felt a distinct call from the Lord to write them.


The problem, in spite of such glowing feedback, is that word of these stories is taking time to spread. My audience is small (and growing, but slowly). My brilliant publisher and I are newer kids to the block and are working hard to gain more visibility, but it's not easy. It takes time and teamwork.

I suspect it may actually take a village.

Would you like to be part of this village?

If you want to help me and my books to gain more visibility, you can like my Facebook Page, write a review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, share a link to my website with friends, Facebook, Twitter, etc, share your copies of my books with family and friends (& ask them to post a review if they like it), or talk to your library or local bookstore about carrying the book. These are a few ways you can help get my books and my hard-working publisher on the map.

Lastly, The Latest Super Cool Scoop: My third book, The Memoir of Johnny Devine, a Novel,
(cover reveal coming soon!)
releases December 2015 from Ashberry Lane! I am especially excited about this "story-within-a-story" of a bad boy reformed and a good girl in need of reform. It’s a powerful tale of love, redemption, intrigue, and the miracle of deliberate grace.

Eliza, a WWII widow hired to write an exclusive memoir, lands on McCarthy’s hit list and must clear her name while trying not to fall in love with Johnny Devine, the born-again, ex-Hollywood heartthrob whose scandalous past keeps him too busy to notice her. Or does it?

The Memoir of Johnny Devine is a “classic” romance set in 1953 at a time when post-war America seeks security in prosperity, Hollywood’s Golden Age is coming to an end, the “Red Scare” reaches new heights of paranoia, and unrest over civil rights continues to grow. It’s geared toward women (and men) who enjoy a character-driven, inspirational drama, a strong but chaste love story, and a touch of intrigue.

Mark your calendar! Better yet... sign up for Ashberry Lane's Newsletter to keep up on my new releases and special pre-order price deals.

And Thank You!


Becky said...

Some people love to read, some people love to write and some people love to do both...I'm pretty sure you are the latter. I am the former and always, always enjoy a good book or a good blog. God has surely blessed you with a gift for writing and that gift has blessed many of us. Thanks for enriching my life - keep the words coming!

Donna said...

Love both books that I've read. I am Jewish but the stories stand alone, regardless of religion. The characters come to life and I become so engrossed in what is happening that it's as if they are people I know. You're writing is so personal and so real, the books are difficult to put down. Thank you for sharing your gift. Looking forward to the new book coming out!

Camille Eide said...

Becky - thank you. If not for readers, writer's would have little of worth to say. I think of it more as a conversation. Thank you for being so supportive!

Camille Eide said...

Donna, I am so glad to hear that. It's funny, but even though the characters we create are fictional, we try to pour so much real life experience into them that they will truly seem like real people. I feel as if I know them too! So much of it IS real in the sense that the heartaches, hardships, and joys depicted come from my or others' experience, both in interactions with each other and in our interactions with God. My hope is to encourage us all, including myself, to remember that we have a Source in whom we can find strength to rise above the trials of life, and to remember he has greater and ultimate good in store for those who trust in him.

Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate your wonderful feedback!

Something About the Joy said...

I so know what you mean about the problem of publicity! There are so many books out there--good ones--that it's hard to get the attention of readers. Your books are well worth the read. I pray God will give you the audience!

Camille Eide said...

Thank you, Ginny! On both counts. And yes, There are so many good books out there. I hope readers will have the patience to get to them all. :)



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